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I have been involved with the Circle website for more than 15 years and it is now time to retire and pass on the day to day maintenance of the website. I would like to thanks all those members who have assisted me in one way or another, especially Graham Eyre, Gerry Fisk and Robert Bostock. Without help from those mentioned and other members we would not have the website that we have today.

Most of you will know that Hanns Fasching and Robert Bostock are actively engaged in creating a new website which should be available shortly.

Meantime I will continue to update the Auction section of the site as well as the 'Print Journal page for the rest of the Circle year. No other updates will be processed.

It has been a privilege to create and update the current site and I wish all members the very best for the future.

Keith Woodward




   MBPC  -  13 January 2019