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Regional Machin / Country Definitives
- Simplified Listings



2p   3p   3p   4p   5p   5p   6p   7p   7p   8p   8p
9p   10p   10p   11p   11p   12p   12p   13p   13p   14p   15p
15p   16p   17p   18p   19p   19p   20p   20p   22p   23p   24p
25p   26p   28p   30p   31p   32p   34p   37p   38p   39p   40p
            41p   63p   64p   65p   1st-class            

Regionals by Country


Isle of Man


Northern Ireland






Country Pictorials



  2nd-class   'E' 40p 42p 44p 48p 50p 56p 60p 64p
65p   68p   72p 78p 81p 87p 88p 90p 97p 1.10 1.28

Country Pictorials by Country




Northern Ireland

  Scotland   Wales    
Wilding Regionals


  3d   4d 5d 6d 9d 1s 3d 1s 6d   1st-class  

Wilding Regionals by Country

  Guernsey   Jersey   Isle of Man   N. Ireland   Scotland   Wales  

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