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Machin Definitives - Simplified Listings



p   1p   1p   2p   2p   3p   3p   4p   4p   5p   5p
6p   6p   7p   7p   8p   8p   9p   9p   10p   10p   11p
11p   12p   12p   13p   13p   14p   15p   15p   16p   16p   17p
17p   18p   19p   19p   20p   20p   22p   23p   24p   25p   26p
27p   28p   29p   30p   31p   32p   33p   34p   35p   36p   37p
38p   39p   40p   41p   42p   43p   44p   45p   46p   47p   48p
49p   50p   54p   56p   60p   62p   63p   64p   65p   67p   68p
72p   75p   76p   77p   78p   87p   88p   90p   97p   1.00   1.10
1.28   1.30   1.33   1.41   1.46   1.47   1.50   1.60   1.65   1.88   1.90
2.00   2.15   3.00   5.00       1840 Ann.                    


1st-class   2nd-class   'E'   Europe   Worldwide 20g   Worldwide 40g   Worldwide Postcard
PiP 1st-class   PiP 2nd-class   Large 1st-class   Large 2nd-class   Recorded Signed for   Special Delivery    

Decimal Coils

        Single Value   All   NVIs        


d   1d   2d   3d   4d   5d   6d   7d   8d   9d   10d
        1s 0d   1s 6d   1s 9d       High Values   Coil   All        

All DG numbers are used with the kind permission of Douglas Myall. For a complete list of catalogue numbers you will need his catalogue (available on CD). To visit his website click here. 
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MBPC  - 27 November, 2014