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The Modern British Philatelic Circle (MBPC) came into being on 1 January 2006 as the result of a merger between two long-established and respected societies, one specialising in stamp books, the Great Britain Decimal Stamp Book Study Circle (GB DSB SC) and the other in sheet issues, the British Decimal Stamps Study Circle (BDSSC). The new Circle’s scope was extended to cover all stamps and related material issued during the present reign. Its affairs are administered by a Committee elected each year by the membership. Detailed annual accounts and reports of the Officers are published in ‘The Bookmark’ Journal.

This award winning Journal had been produced by GB DSB SC since 1971 and MBPC continues to publish six editions every year. All new issue reports are supported by illustrations and diagrams where appropriate. The conclusions gained from research are included as soon as the results are available, enabling members to search for any elusive material that may exist. Technical articles for the collector who wishes to specialise in greater depth are regularly included. The Journal also deals with peripheral items relating to the stamp issues – for example, packaging, point of sale material etc. Members are encouraged to air their views, share their research and findings and to submit articles for publication to the Editor. Exchanges of material are possible through a ‘Wants and Offers’ column.






This is a comprehensive guide to all the Circle activities containing sections on:

1. Publications and Services

2. Meetings

3. Constitution and Rules

4. Auctions

Please refer to the Circle Committee page for an up to date listing.

Please note that distributed copies of 'The Bookmark' Journal are in black and white due to printing costs. However, members have a subscription option of receiving a CD at the end of the Circle year (June) containing the six issues from the past year for just an additional £2.00 (UK members) or £4.00 (overseas members). This CD has all illustrations in colour and is fully searchable, providing a useful reference tool.

Members now have the ability to download the Journal, in colour, from the website. This option also has the added benefit of having a cheaper annual subscription.

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